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Friday, March 13, 2009

Kitchen's Wear

Size: A2. Media: Soft Pastel

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Especially publish for ADEEB=)

Starbucks! P.S: I love you=)XP

Saturday, September 20, 2008

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Last Minute Test :S

Test 5- Focusing up Still Life Size- A2 Media- Soft Pastel Honestly, this drawing was drawn in a rush. And I wasn't planing much when I coloured the sketch. But amazingly it turned out to be a likeable combination of colours. The book actually looks real, and so does the shades and the small cupboard. My work impressed me for this one. Except the lotion tube dosent stands out-it was hard to find the right combination for the colours.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Screen Printing Jobs

How would you guys who visit this blog help me sorting out my problems.
All underneath are my printing job for the A-level exam next year. But making a double prints on my design with different colours made me confuse which one to choose.
First Print: The colours are good combinations but the dark colour of pin,yellow and blue back ground makes the middle part rings of pink and green cannot be seen. But the brown colour outstands most which made a big difference to the others. Overall I like th combinations of the colours. But too bad when we look this master piece from a distance the egg texture of the yellow paint cannot be seen. (expected grade A2/B3)
Second Print: The colour combinations for me is very dull, but when you look and examine this second print more carefully. Its characters outstands more than the first one. for example the pink made a sweet combination and the eggs texture are more orinated compare to the first print. and it can be seen from a distance. but at first glance it'll be a dull expression for the examiner. (expected grade B)
OR..other alternative, I can make a new print which will have the same structure of my old master piece which I get gradeA for it but just some alteration to it..especially the strips and the mid-point flower petals (for this one i'm sure of the grade)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Computer work

After This is my first computer free hand work...
I hope ya all like it=D

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Topic Test 4

Size: A2 Media: Oil Pastel it wasn't a satisfactory tho~..especially with the shadows..and back ground. I only like the glass of die..

Friday, May 30, 2008

Energy Day Poster Competition

Size: A2 Media: Watercolour Theme: Moving toward energy efficiency and conservation. Won consolation prize. This competition was open to bruneian citizens of age 16 and above. I drew it two days before the competition deadline. Atleast the consolation prize will do. =)

Monday, March 24, 2008

World Water's Day Competition

My first trial. My second Trial
Size: A3
Media: Watercolour The drawing indicates, every single drop of water is precious, as it can make a big difference to the nature. Therefore we need to keep our water always clean.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Kitchen Wear 2

Assignment 4- Kitchen's Wear 2

Size: A2

Media: Watercolour

Just some practise with my art skills...and timing.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Sunset in Miri

Photograph taken on my journey back from Miri to Brunei. The sketch of the photograph above. Just a minor one.

Sunset in Miri

On the left is one of my sketch. It was to fill my spare time so I just try to do some stroking sketch of the photograph on the right. A very simple art work of mine.

Butterflies and Circles

Abstract Wallpaper- Butterflies and Circles
Size: A3
Media: Mixed (Paint marker, Watercolour, Jet Ink. printer)
I was bored. I came up with the idea to paint my bedroom long ago but still I haven't have a slight idea of what to be painted. Well here is my sample design for the wall I want to paint.
I painted the background light pink with watercolour. Next is followed by the printing job of the circles and lines on the left using jet printer on my computer. I made a holes of stars shapes, ranging from smallest to the largest. I continue by overlaping the paper of star holes on top of the original paper and paint the empty holes with dark brown by using water colour. After that, I layered the lines with gold paint marker to give some reflection.
The butterflies was coloured by the same gold paint marker on a piece of tracing paper. After the butterflies were drawn, I cut it following the shapes and glued it on top of the star strips. BY using this tracing paper, more layered effect is obvious.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Green Bottle with contiminated Red H2O

Acrylic Trial- Green Bottle with contiminated Red H20 Size: A2
Media: Acrylic Paint
This was my first acrylic paint that I ever done. Believe me! It's kind of difficult to get the hook of it in the first place though. That's the reason the bottle doesn't srike out as it has to be. The Shadow was okay, but the mouth of the bottle, it's obviously flat and my right side of the bottle is not even 90 degrees to horizontal. What a though job it seems. Good thing I manage to include texture to my painting- its a rough texture as you can see. Well, Mayb I can do better the next time. Lets say- When I get the hook of it!..haha

Monday, February 25, 2008

Topic Test 1

Topic Test 1 - Texture Size: A2 Media: Oil Pastle This was the hardest jug to draw among the other jugs there were in the art room and my teacher actually chose it to make our life misrable. (laughs). On this drawing, I decided to use the 'c' texture. It is not clear to view it here. Besides that I manage to show the blocks on the jug's surface by accident. I was lucky then. The part I love most is that I can actually show that this jug is transparent and a glass (upper part). On the other hand I love the shadow-the reflection from the red water.


Assignment 3 - Monocrome applied to a kettle
Size: A2
Media: Charcoal and White Chalk
Monocrome of the kettle. I practised colouring with one colour where I have to control the contrast of the drawing from light to dark. Soft pastles and charcoals are commonly used to do a monocrome as the colour can be blended smoothly. The drawing is usually sprayed so that the pastles won't detach from the paper easily-hair spary will work too.


Assignment 2 - Study of Texture (Spots)
Size: A3
Media: Oil Pastle
Next assignment, we were asked to study more advance technique of texture. Also to the same object but now the papers are crumpled and folded. The dotting method is quite difficult compared to the stroking method. It took almost my spare time to finish it. But I find it easier to do it from one colour and then applying the effects with different colour.


Assignment 1- Study of Texture (Strokes) Size: A2 Media: Oil Pastle Different coloured papers were brought into a group. We were assigned to study basic texture which is the strokes. It tooks me a hard time doing it as the paper was an A2 size-a new size of paper to work on, usually its A3. On the other hand, I had to apply twice the stroke to fill in the empty gaps. But I did manage to do well for my first attempt. Smile:)

SOAS Mosque

Soas Mosque- a scenery from the water village.
Given away(Suvenior)- Ministery of Education of Indonesia (January 2008)
Size: A3
Media: Water Colour

Still Life - Kitchen's Wear

1st Prize (Secondary School Competition 2007)
Size: A3
Media: Water Colour